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Foam Buddy rose from frustration
with other systems.

We all know the problem with foam. Its messy, its hard to set up and it’s expensive. Contractors have just learned to cope with these problems…

We set to the task of creating a machine that would solve these issues.  It needed to be reusable, easy to use, portable, and affordable.  After many prototypes, we ended up with a machine that is built around two tanks, is light enough to be carried by one person, benefits from a common sense mixing system, and is nearly half the price of any comparable system.

Here's Why You'll Love The Foam Buddy


Completely Reusable

We set out to create a system that could be continuously reused and minimize waste.  We have all used ‘once and done’ spray foam kits and been disappointed in the time it took to clean up afterwards.  With Foam Buddy, there are no pumps to clean, the custom nozzles are easy to maintain, you refill on the job site without downtime, and any spare materials can be stored for the next job!

Save time with our easy-to-use design

A long learning curve cuts into your budget.  Set up is as easy as filling the tanks, attaching a small compressor (5.3 cfm at 90 psi), plugging it in to standard power, and letting it warm up.  The gauges give clear information on the status of the system and with the dual trigger spray gun you have instant control of your mix for the best spray every time.   When finished, you can quickly and easily pack up and be on your way to the next job.

Fits in the back seat of your car

Contractors are used to the complicated unpacking/repacking of their gear and are surprised how truly portable Foam Buddy is.  It can fit in the back of your car, unloads in minutes, and can be easily carried to the worksite. It doesn’t matter if you are insulating a giant room or the smallest attic, Foam Buddy provides you with a small, lightweight system that will save you time and energy.

Affordably priced for every level of contractor

Nothing hurts your budget like an expensive tool that sits in your truck and never gets used.  We took the time to look at other systems on the market and decided that we could do it cheaper and better without sacrificing quality.  This will be the tool that you will use at every opportunity because it saves you money.  We are confident that in less than six months, you will have paid for your Foam Buddy.

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